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Argentine tango is a social dance originating at the end of the 19th century in Buenos Aires. Argentine tango is very different from the Tango in ballroom dancing. It is more interpretive, improvisational, sensual and visual.


Private Lesson

Private Lesson is available at AVALON DANCE PRODUCTIONS by Peter Walker.

He visited Argentina twice to receive training in authentic Argentine tango.


Milonga Party

A milonguero is a person who dances at milongas - social dances. Milonguero Tango is best suited for small or crowded dance floors such as those found in the down towns of large cities, or those found in cafe's and restaurants.


AT AVALON, a milonga party “Blue Milonga" is held typically 2nd Saturdays. Normally starts at 9pm through 1am, midnight.

Check out for detail.

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