New Partnership!

After the success of 'Lovestruck: A Valentine's Revue', Avalon Dance & Fitness and Moonstruck Theater Company are ready to come to you with a full year of fantastic theatrical productions! The complete season of shows will be officially announced in April, but, to tide you over until then, here is a little teaser of what you can expect and when!

July, 2016: A fast paced, witty, charming musical, with a vibrant score and award-winning script, about the follies and triumphs of a lovable collection of outcasts. I hope you're ready for some audience participation!

October, 2016: A gripping black comedy about trying to make your dreams come true while dealing with the sometimes sad, sometimes zany, always outrageous challenges in life.

December, 2016: A beloved holiday classic film, presented as a 1940s live radio play, complete with a Foley artist providing live sound effects and plenty of holiday cheer!

April, 2017: A moving musical (featuring music ranging from American-roots to folk to gospel) about a troubled woman who embarks on a cross-country journey, and discovers the true meaning of beauty along the way.

July, 2017: A true American theater classic, this searing musical retelling of a Shakespearean masterpiece is about two young lovers caught between prejudice and warring cultures in New York City.

We at Avalon Dance & Fitness hope you will join us for this spectacular spate of shows for the 2016/2017 season!

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