Busy Three Weeks for Comps

It was a busy 3 weeks for Peter and some of his students that competed at Capital DS in Washington DC, Embassy Ball in Irvine, CA and the United States National Championships in Orlando, FL.

Congratulations to Louise Amer, Jennifer Courtney, Denise Hajjar, Brittany Falconer and Miwa Rifu.

Here are some of the results:

Louise Amer - 4th US National Junior Rhythm and 6th US National Junior Smooth

Brittany Falconer - 4th US Open to the World Open A Smooth and 1st Capital DS Open A Smooth

Miwa Rifu - 5th US National Open A Standard, 4th US Open to the World Open A Standard and 1st Capital DS Open A Standard

Jennifer Courtney - Finalist US Open to the World Rising Star Open A Smooth

Denise Hajjar - Placed in all single dances at Capital DS in Silver Smooth

Hope to see everyone at the Pancreatic Cancer Fundraiser and the Studio Showcase on Friday Sept 28th and Saturday Sept 29th.


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