The studio is located in a busy area near pubs, restaurants and cafes, facing a large street, Belmont St, close to Fresh Pond. You can use the parking lot during the day and there is no problem with street parking. The studio is decorated with pictures of ballet dancers and portraits of ballroom dance greats, so you can practice in an artistic atmosphere. For large scale rehearsals and performances, we also use the auditorium of our partner school, Waldorf High School in Belmont.

Avalon Dance and Fitness was originally founded in 2010. Current owner Peter Walker took over in October 2014 and has created a thriving dance community here in Belmont. Avalon offers Ballroom dancing group classes and private lessons; Group/Personal Fitness class -Dance based -Strength - Stretch - Aerobic - Pilates. In June 2019, Avalon Dance and Fitness rebranded to become AVALON DANCE PRODUCTIONS. In July of 2020, we made a fresh start, moving to a new, bustling, high-traffic location and expanding our fitness department. July 2021, partnered with the Waldorf High School dance program, using the large auditorium for large practices.