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"On March 16th, I went to see Avalon Dance & Fitness Studio’s Spring Showcase “Anything goes on the Dance Floor”. My first dance show experience went far beyond my expectations. The two hour program of 26 numbers in two acts was comprised of a variety of styles, from cha chas, tangos, quick steps to waltzes. Each piece, featuring a cast of 24 dancers, both professional and amateur in various combinations, was finely crafted to fit the specific dancers’ skills and personalities. I was immediately captivated by the charm of ballroom dancing and passion of the performers. It goes without saying that the professional pairs were exquisite, but even more interesting were the pro-am performances, as the pros were tested on their ability to support a less experienced partner, and the amateurs were encouraged to perform beyond their current capability. The master of ceremonies was professional emcee Brad Morrison, and internationally renowned dancer Charlotte Jorgensen was invited as a guest judge. To learn that such high level performances were being given at a local town studio was a pleasant surprise; the potential of this studio is incredible. For those who are interested in experiencing ballroom dancing, their showcase is certainly an event worth attending. " - May Motoyama, Opera Reviewer, Newton.

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